Another One Bites The Dust – Chop Suey to Close in Two Weeks

10428574_913671851976535_1591548417850679096_nCome celebrate the further decline of Capitol Hill with one last big hurrah at Chop Suey!

That’s right, folks, Chop Suey is having one last big blowout before they close the  doors for good, and all your faves will be there, including (but not limited to) Tacocat! January 18th! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! And get tickets HERE if there’s any left!

Chop Suey Presents Another One Bites the Dust! feat. Tacocat with Pony Time // Wimps // Kithkin // Chastity Belt // Deep Creep // Universe People // Childbirth // Sashay // Blood Drugs // DJ Dave Hernandez


The rumored closing of the 14 year old joint has been tossed around the internet and around town for the last few months. Back in November, Chop Suey booker Jodi Ecklund told Seattle Weekly “I have been told to cease all booking on 1/20 and to cancel all future bookings after that date. I anticipate that I will be receiving more information in the days to come.” With the word today, it appears a done deal, although it seems imminent that it will re-open under a different name, in fact, Capitol Hill Blog is reporting that a deal may already be on the table. .

Last month, Erin Carnes, the co-owner of a Los Angeles club, and her musician business partner Brianna Rettig formed a new business at Chop Suey’s E Madison address. Carnes is co-owner of The Escondite, a live music venue and burger joint in downtown LA.  Carnes, a longtime bartender, opened The Escondite in 2011 near LA’s Skid Row. Rettig is a Los Angeles-based singer songwriter that performs as Bunny West.

While nothing has been formally announced, Capitol Hill Blog  learned a permit to overhaul the exterior and interior was issued just before Christmas.

Judging by the website and the Facebook page of The Escondite, it appears to have a country vibe going on. Is that the plan for 1325 E. Madison?  It would be pure speculation to suggest the “alleged” new owners are going to cover up the sticky floors of the Chop Suey with sawdust, hang wagon wheels on the walls and turn it into a country bar.

According to CHB, Brianna Rettig, the musician in the partnership, declined to comment on the project.

Of course Chop Suey was known more as a rock club so if they are going to completely flip the format, they’ll be starting from scratch. One thing we discovered though is that The Escondite has one hell of burger menu!

Stay tuned.

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