AMOR Coming to El Corazon in Seattle with Gypsy Temple on February 7th

»Love Vs. Logic«, the newest album from AMOR, is a fresh twist on hard rock — a modern approach that pushes the boundaries of catchy themes while maintaining aggressive roots. Forged from humble beginnings as a somewhat popular local band from Arizona, founding member and guitarist Ryan Daminson, singer Dillon Conneally, and bassist Tre Scott grew into the mindset of creating a sound that represented the values that they wanted to demonstrate creatively with no regard for genres or labels. This sound would eventually become their new album »Love Vs. Logic«.

After almost 2 years of writing and rewriting songs, AMOR emerged from the studio as a different entity. As opposed to resting within the constraints of their genre stereotypes, they started writing music with an increased focus on melody and feel. While maintaining the dynamically heavy sound they have always loved, the band has tapped into a broader spectrum of music and has paved a very promising road for themselves.

AMOR will be coming to El Corazon in Seattle with Gypsy Temple and others to be announced on February 7th. Tickets can be found here.

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