75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 8: //zoo

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to 75 Bands in 75 Days, where we bring you the best unknown talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, one day and one band at a time. Since Halloween is upon us very soon, we thought now would be just as good a time as any to bust out an artist that genuinely manages to make our skin crawl, //zoo.

//zoo (presumably just pronounced like the synonym for menagerie) is the experimental music project of one Ashlee Luk. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this very eclectic project takes many elements from drone music, shoegaze/dream pop, and industrial rock, and the result is a chilling out of body experience in music form that feels like a freak tribrid of SlowdiveoOoOO and Throbbing Gristle. It’d be doing a disservice to the craft by just labeling it as “rock” or “electronic” or any one umbrella term.

The project’s latest outing was a split release with fellow musician Petra Schelm, which //zoo provided four tracks for. The project’s music will not appeal to anybody, but it’s the kind of weirdness you have to experience for yourself to believe.

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