75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 53: Klover Jane

Rane7696-609Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to 75 Bands in 75 Days, where we’re showcasing some of the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, at least one band per day, leading up to December 31st, to ring in a new year. This list is in no particular order and it is not a chart or a countdown. It’s merely a list of bands or musicians that we feel are worthy of checking out. The band for day 53 is Klover Jane, a band with a killer sound and one of the funnest live shows around the northwest.

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If you’ve been to a Klover Jane show then you know. We were at the very first show(with Rane) and seen them more times than we can count since then and they never disappoint. Frontman Rane Stone possesses one of the most dynamic and powerful voices in the deeply talented northwest music scene. JT Phillips and Jeff Noble bring the fire with a potent twin guitar attack played over the top and along side Noble’s brother Dean on drums and Jay Clark on bass. The songs have more hooks in them than a Cabelas.

KLOVER JANE grabs you by the shirt and roars into your soul. They’re an adrenaline-blast of pure Rock-N-Roll; with mouth watering guitar riff’s, a bone-invading rhythm and the lyrical juice of unapologetic truth and smooth wail of the vocals.

KLOVER JANE attracted the attention of Dudley Taft, producer and former member of Seattle’s Sweetwater and Second Coming. Jeff Noble, the bands brilliant lead guitarist and gifted songwriter “breathes music” – and it hooked Dudley. “It sets you apart,” Dudley said, “you’re writing songs; most bands out there are just throwing cords together.”

Dudley produced KLOVER JANE’s first two EP’s; “Rock-N-Rolla” and “Tattoo Kandy”. Since their debut EP in 2011, demand for KLOVER JANE has garnered them kickin opportunities like opening for Puddle of Mudd and sharing the stage with other high profile Seattle bands like Windowpane, Witchburn, Van Eps and Jason Kertson. Klover Jane just announce that their new album ‘Sacred’ is now available through iTunes, Amazon and other fine retailers!

Released in partnership with Mental Itch Music Group, the album ‘Sacred’ contains all of the tracks originally released on the Rock-n-Rolla and Tattoo’d Kandy EPs and TWO previously unreleased tracks, all remastered specifically for this release by Dudley Taft.

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Don’t forget to vote for Klover Jane in the 2014 NWMS READER’S POLL – TOP TEN NORTHWEST ALBUMS

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