50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 23: CUFF LYNX


Ladies and gents, welcome back to our sign-off for 2015, 50 Bands in 50 Days, our spotlight of some of the most deserving bands coming out of the Pacific Northwest, presented by GigTown. Today we’re returning to the explosive Seattle electronic music scene with an artist we hope to see on the rise, CUFF LYNX.

Sensebellum - LFS - CUFF LYNX Green Map

CUFF LYNX is an Emerald City-based electronic music duo with a postmodern take on the genre. Consisting of producers J HTZLX and ßALTO, the duo is notable for taking older sounds in new wave and disco music and updating them for most tastes, leading to a series of tracks that sound like they would fit in perfectly in a bunch of different contexts, whether it’s 80’s night at a bar to blasting out of loud speakers at the next FreakNight Festival.

The band has done fantastic remixes of other reputable Seattle artists, among them Sisters, The Flavr Blue and Manatee Commune, but the band also has a very solid EP, the Tourist EP, which puts on full blast just what the duo is capable of. Fans of old analog synthesizers will have their mouths watering listening to their fantastic single “Prowl,” which features Parker Joe of The Flavr Blue on vocals.

If you have an undying affinity for bands that call back to the greats in new wave music, you have to check out CUFF LYNX.

For Fans of: Hot Chip, Com Truise, Holy Ghost!

You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter, and listen to “Prowl” below.

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