50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 15: Mutiny Mutiny


Welcome back to 50 Bands in 50 Days, our annual showcase of some of the most worthwhile artists coming out of the Pacific Northwest, one day and one band at a time, brought to you by GigTown. On this special Thanksgiving edition of the showcase, we’re going totally post-punk with Seattle’s Mutiny Mutiny.


Probably the defining post-punk band of the modern Seattle era, Mutiny Mutiny has gotten the demanded attention of local music fans and national publications alike with their take on post-punk, whose arty quirkiness sets them apart from any other band around here working within that genre. Their songs are winding and unpredictable, and make great use of two vocalists, Jenn Schmidt and Jason Dean, who have totally different cadences and tones of voice.

Taking more influence from older, more out-there post-punk bands like Public Image Ltd. and Wire than the more radio-friendly post-punk revival bands of the 2000s, with some added Dischord Records-ish wit and edge in the mix, Mutiny Mutiny is a rock band with a lot of charm and grit, all of which is backed up by fantastic production and recording.

If you’re in the market for a band that’s just as droll as it is brash, Mutiny Mutiny is a must.

For Fans of: Public Image Ltd., Q and Not U, Ought

You can follow the band on Facebook, and listen to them below.

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