50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 14: Skies Below


Welcome to 50 Bands in 50 Days, where we’re turning you onto your new favorite local bands, one day at a time. Today we’re returning to the world of Seattle rock with one of the heaviest bands around these parts, Skies Below.

Skies below cover

A band equal parts progressive rock and doom metal, Skies Below is a Seattle band that’s going to take the scene by storm. The band has been around the block for a few years, but only released their debut full-length, Aphelion, in late August of this year. Produced by veteran Seattle musician and producer Tad Doyle, the album has his signature thick, heavy, low-end-prominent sound, without feeling like a ripoff or feeling uninspired, and is one of our favorite albums of the year so far.

In our review of Skies Below’s debut, we referred to their sound as “Doomy Industrial Prog”, and said that the band is damn good at “throwing prog rock, metal, doom, blues and jazz together into a blender and assaulting the listener with a dark mixture.” While all of these disparate influences may seem a bit jumbled and best segregated to several different bands entirely, Skies Below are masters at taking these influences and blending them all seamlessly together into one potent, cohesive package.

We cannot wait to see what this band throws at us next. If you’re looking for something methodical and pummeling, meet your new favorite band, Skies Below.

For Fans of: Tool, Tad, Pallbearer

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