25 Year Old Bootleg of a Portland Nirvana Show Surfaces

NirvanaThis performance was published on YouTube Jan 12, 2015.

This show was from January 12 1990. A band called Nirvana are playing at Portland’s Satyricon.

The gig took place at the Satyricon venue in Portland  and is reportedly the show at which frontman Kurt Cobain met Courtney Love, who he would later marry and have a child with.  Dale Crover is reportedly playing drums.

Youtube user WY97212 says:

“I was there. I recorded their set. And I put it away in a box of tapes…Today marks the 25th anniversary and it seems like the right time to let people hear this. Enjoy and Play Loud.
Recording is raw in accordance with the equipment and tape used at the time.”

IMPORTANT! – This is a historic audio document. NO ownership/copyright is claimed nor implied. NO attempt is being made to profit or monetize. Any rights belong to whoever owns such things.
Kurt / Krist photos Courtesy of David Ackerman. Cartoon by Chris Newman.

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