100 Bands in 100 Days Presented by Verity Credit Union— Day 1: ALKi Jones


Ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome to the first day of our biggest year-end segment to date, 100 Bands in 100 Days, presented by Verity Credit Union. Follow the #100Bands100Days hashtag on Twitter to stay on top of all the bands featured and make sure to follow Verity on Twitter as well.

It’s a beautiful soggy Friday morning here in the Pacific Northwest; a perfect day for us to begin our daily countdown of some of the best and most cutting-edge artists in our region. Starting today and ending on the last day of 2016, you can tune into NorthWest Music Scene every day and expect to come away with a new favorite local band. We thought we’d kick this year’s segment off with a Seattle-based up-and-comer with a lot going for them, ALKi Jones.


Formed just five short years ago, Seattle’s ALKi Jones has been making the rounds in our local scene, capturing the hearts of local music fans of all walks of life thanks to their distinct and difficult to pin down approach to rock and country music. Country music isn’t exactly what you’d say Seattle is known for, but with how successfully ALKi Jones implements elements of country into their songs, they make the case that maybe more bands around here should take note. ALKi Jones has the drive and punch that you would hope for from a good local underground rock act, but this determinately rocking force is matched with twangy guitars and a vocal inflection that gives off strong country or alternative country vibes. It’s a style you may not find too alien if you’re into indie darlings like Wilco, and luckily ALKi Jones adopts and expands on this style with an impressive amount of attention paid to strong, memorable songwriting.

ALKi Jones has existed in many forms throughout their half-decade of existence, beginning as a duo, then expanding into a quartet just last year before sizing down to a trio earlier this year, but the band has always maintained their boundary-pushing sensibility across all lineups. On their debut EP, the Deep Well Sessions, the unique and powerful vocals of frontman Andrew Galbreath are matched with forward-thinking instrumental choices and parts of their songs that manage to stick in your head long after listening through the relatively brief collection. With such a strong EP under their belts, as well as a myriad of well-received live performances all across their hometown, ALKi Jones have been deservedly propped up by local fans as an act that you can’t miss out on, and with the promise of a debut full-length album coming down the pipeline, we can’t wait to see what ALKi Jones has to offer next.

ALKi Jones can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and through their own website, alkijones.com. Their music is available for listening through their official site, as well as via alkijones.bandcamp.com.

Submissions for 100 Bands in 100 Days are still open to any Pacific Northwest band interested in submission. If you would like to have your band submitted for a chance to be featured in this segment, consult this link for more information on how you can do so.


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