Seattle super-hero Phoenix Jones gives thumbs up to new Quickie tune

Seattle-based Quickie will no longer have to live in fear of reprisal from superhero Phoenix Jones over their ode to the Seattle-based crime fighter “Phoenix Jones.”

Released on Oct. 25 the new single has received a mess of media attention from Seattle TV and radio shows.

Now, even Phoenix Jones has weighed in on the single.

“I love it. I think it’s an awesome song. I really appreciate the fact that they got my message right.”

Initially, Quickie lead singer Lou Trez and drummer Kelly Lichtenwaldt were tongue-in-cheek wary of the crusader’s response to the song.

“We haven’t spoken with him yet. The song is a sincere tribute, but at the same time it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hopefully he doesn’t, either.” – Trez said.

Added Lichtenwaldt:

“Yeah. We don’t want Phoenix Jones to ‘Wham! Bam! Crack!’ our heads in.”

The song comes loaded with references to comic book legends such as the X-Men (“I don’t need my own professor X to make my brain cells or my muscles flex”) and “brings to mind the old Spiderman and Batman TV themes, but with louder guitars and a punk-rock attitude,” according to the band. The ode to Seattle’s fabled superhero was mixed by the legendary Jack Endino, who has his own super hero powers when it comes to music.

Trez said:

“We have a real life superhero patrolling the streets of Seattle. Fighting crime. How could we not write a song about that? Phoenix Jones has a suit, he’s got guts, an alter-ego and a secret hideout. But every caped crusader needs their own signature song.” 

“Phoenix Jones” by Quickie

“Phoenix Jones” by Quickie will be available on CD Baby/Quickie now and on iTunes next Tuesday, and the band hints that a video is coming very soon.

Check out Quickie’s new single “Phoenix Jones”,available as a single at or iTunes Store, Visit Quickie on Youtube at: or Facebook at Quickie.

Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle, Washington. Quickie’s songs have been featured in the shows “The Secret Circle” CW, “Vampire Diaries” CW ,and “Parenthood” NBC and in the movies “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins, “Repli-Kate” featuring Eugene Levy and Ali Landry,and extreme sport cult film “Shafted” with the Foo Fighters, Bush and Chevelle. You might have also heard Quickie’s work on ESPN and FoxSports.