Review: ‘Sleep Talk’ From Portland’s SHAE is Like a Haunting Dream Come to Life

Sleep Talk

Portland’s newest alternative pop vocalist, SHAE, has created a term for a concept that we’re all familiar with, but haven’t been able to define: sleep talk. What is sleep talk? It’s the thoughts, conversations and words that we only can think of when our eyes are closed shut in the dead of night. On her debut EP entitled Sleep Talk, Shae Williams dives deeper into what this concept means, and what happens in her mind when she falls asleep. Released on December 30th, 2016 and produced by Justin Abel, Sleep Talk is like a haunting dream come to life.

It’s difficult to place a name on SHAE’s sound. While the first song on the EP has a dark electro sound, the third is built around a catchy acoustic guitar riff, and the fourth is a simple and emotional piano melody. The versatility of the EP keeps you interested, yet Williams’ strong voice carries each song to the next and keeps it cohesive.

Five of the six songs on Sleep Talk are originals by Williams. Each song tells a different story, and absorbs you completely into the song, wondering what is going to be sung next. For instance, in the song “Fragments,” a heart wrenching, reminiscent tale of two lovers falling apart to a point beyond remembrance is told. “Liar” is a victory cry against a lying ex, which includes the protagonist of the song telling the liar that she will “set his world on fire.” The lyrics throughout the EP are all realistic and relatable, bringing SHAE’s realm of sleep talk to life.

The last track is a cover of “Walkin’ After Midnight,” a song made popular by Patsy Cline in the 1950’s. SHAE respects the original melody of the song, but completely alters the instrumental, creating a darker spin on the country ballad.

Through the utilization of evocative lyrics and memorable melodies, SHAE invites listeners into her mind in her EP Sleep Talk, and will have you thinking about the music as you fall asleep.

(You can listen to Sleep Talk below, purchase music HERE and/or get more info about SHAE at Facebook HERE.)