Review: PROOFS — ‘Proofs’

Oftentimes, music is able to tell us things that words never would be able to. Among many aspects of our real lives and within collections of music, this philosophy is especially relevant in PROOFS’ debut EP. Simply titled Proofs and made public on March 31st, this Seattle based three-piece’s new release is authentic, raw, and impressively created.

When I say that PROOF’s music speaks louder than their words, it is in no way a discredit to the lyrics found in the EP. The poetic, elegant lines are delivered with deep emotion, and the gritty vocals of Dan Harrington are the perfect compliment to the sounds that PROOFS produce. The rough eloquence that PROOFS provides with their lyrics is reminiscent of the 90s grunge music that made the music scene in Seattle stand out so much in that particular era, especially on the first track “Dogma.”

The instrumentals behind the words on this EP is what really pushes the music into the field of greatness. It seems as though there is an emphasis on the music rather than the vocals, as the multiple, skillfully played musical interludes speak for themselves.”Way of It” and “Onism” in particular included intriguing instrumental sequences which showcased PROOF’s musical talent. Strong bass lines and memorable guitar riffs are just a few of the features that Proofs has to offer, and the three members of the band were able to create an enormously beautiful sound that aerated through the entire collection.

PROOFS really succeeds in sharing their feelings with the listener throughout this EP and despite varying tempos, a brooding layer of nostalgia resides in each song. Listening to each of the four tracks is a reflective experience, and the dark yet intriguing sound that emanates from each track will captivate you from the very start.

(You can listen to Proofs below via Bandcamp and get more info about PROOFS on Facebook HERE.)