Review: Crater — ‘Unearth’

At the moment, electronic duo Crater is Seattle’s best kept secret. From their hauntingly beautiful album Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep in 2016, to the 2017 politically charged track “MYBODY,” Crater has been consistently releasing quality tunes for the last couple years. As we face the beginning of 2018, Crater’s newest album is easily one of the best released in the wake of the new year. Entitled Unearth and released on January 12th, listening to Crater’s record from front to back feels like entering your own virtual soundscape of mystery, romance, and dreams.

Love is the centerpiece of Unearth, but it isn’t tackled in such an ordinary way. The hushed sophistication and introspective lyrics found throughout this album add a creative spin to Crater’s work, which makes it more intriguing every time you listen to it. “Novocaine,” the first single off of Unearth, proves this idea to a tee, as vocalist Ceci Gomez sentimentally croons, “Feelin’ like a joke / ‘cause you know you lost control” among a booming and brooding synth overlay.

The most personal tracks on Unearth are the ones that make the biggest statement on the record. “Total Slugger” comes off the most aggressive and straightforward out of the bunch, as the story of a toxic relationship and a self centered lover unfurls amidst a gritty and ominous instrumental.

If “Total Slugger” surfaces emotions of anger and disgust, then the two parts of “Void” will  bring to light feelings of loneliness and regret. On a completely alternate path than the vastly electro-influenced album, “Void” takes form as a piano ballad, with a gentle melody and sentimental lyrics.

Finding your way through the highs and lows of love is no easy feat, but Crater takes their spin on this concept in their own raw and hypnotizing mannerisms. Unearth is a musical display of real human emotion; the momentum that builds up in the best of moments, but also the descending and frantic feelings that develop in our most desperate hours.

(Check out ‘Unearth below via Bandcamp and get more info about Crater HERE.)