PREMIERE: Watch YAR’s new video for “Everything’s Good”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new video for “Everything’s Good” from YAR.

When YAR first got together, the idea was to create a band as a tribute to the 90’s band Morphine but soon after started working on their own material instead. March of 2017 would find them in the studio recording the debut album, 42 with a release date of October. With a psychedelic sound that borrows from a wide assortment of genres including rock, blues and acid jazz, the groove heavy three-piece crafted a unique sound of their own. The song in the video, “Everything’s Good” rides the thick, smokey bass line and syncopated drum beat like an undulating wave, while the baritone sax is towed closely behind, with plenty of space for the brass to breathe. Aside from the infectious groove of the tune, the song contains an important underlying message, “Come say hi if you’re feeling low,” urging the listener to reach out for that human connection and to keep talking.

“Everything’s Good” is a saying I use during life’s low points. A phrase to calm my own dark thoughts and feelings. This song is about overcoming and moving on regardless of how bad times can get. I’m so thankful and blessed I stuck around instead of going the other route. I would’ve missed so many things. I hope this song can help others during those times. – Sandy Dickerson

The live footage of the band is from a benefit show YAR did recently for Forefront Suicide Prevention. To learn more about that organization, visit:

(Check out the video below and get more info about YAR at the website HERE or on Facebook HERE.)