PREMIERE: Watch Thunders of Wrath’s wild new video for “Danger Dank”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the wild new video for “Danger Dank” from Tacoma’s Thunders of Wrath and this one is a must see!

“Danger Dank” is the debut single from Tacoma’s own Thunders of Wrath. Thunders of Wrath are 21st century rock and rollers, writing songs of adventure and freedom, on a quest to discover what ever made rock and roll classic in the first place. Big drums, whole takes, ripping guitars, mind melting synths it’s about making music that’s fun and fresh and vintage and modern all at the same time. “Danger Dank” the video brings that idea to the screen with a wild story that takes you across a galaxy that’s both high-octane and lo-fi, bridging the future and the past while hanging on to a few surprises.

Recorded entirely analog, entirely to tape at the world famous Robert Lang Studios, their 10 song LP is being release exclusively in 180G VINYL + CD + TICKETS + AUDIOPHILE .WAV SUPERPACKS and will be in stores nationwide on November 16th 2018! Visit your favorite record store and take home that record, it’s a big deal to these guys and honestly probably the best $25 you’ll ever spend.

Thunders of Wrath will be having their album release show at Alma Mater in Tacoma on November 9, with Hobosexual. Get additional show information HERE.

Check out the video below, just make sure you are sitting down or at least holding on to something because this is one wild ride! Get more information about Thunders of Wrath at their website HERE.