PREMIERE: Watch Golden Halos’ Video for “Fine Device”

Portland post-punk and indie-dance-rock act Golden Halos debuted earlier this year with a first single, “Flicker,” and a full-length album, Farewell Strange Attractor. Today, the group premiere the music video to the follow-up single “Fine Device” on Northwest Music Scene.
“The lyrics were inspired by a reaction to the increasing cultural obsession with mobile devices, social media, personal identity, and self-absorption,” says Chris Roy, who, along with Garrick Antikajian, released Golden Halos’ debut album, the quizzically-titled Farewell Strange Attractor, earlier this spring. “So the video kind of puts a science fiction spin on things, with iPhones and iPads being taken over with insincere self-help platitudes, and the protagonist character in the video being chased and eventually subsumed by mobile technology. The final ‘phone mouth’ scene with the plastic wrap was more than a bit sweaty and uncomfortable to do.”
(Check out the video below and buy the track at Bandcamp. You can also keep up with the band at their Facebook page HERE.)

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