PREMIERE: Listen to “Long Ride” by Kiro Skiro

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is addictive new track called “Long Ride” from Seattle dark pop outfit Kiro Skiro.

Born from a moment of experimentation with running an analog synth into a fuzz pedal, Kiro Skiro’s new single “Long Ride” starts like a dystopian dance party jam DJ’d by Thom Yorke. With nihilistic lyrical themes, the track then shapeshifts into moody, almost neo-psychedelic territory leading up to a drum and bass groove that might be the darkest thing you’d ever want to clap your hands to. Finally, the journey resolves into a subterranean descent, eventually succumbing to the pressure of the deep ocean.

(Check out “Long Ride” below via Bandcamp and get more info about Kiro Skiro HERE.)