PREMIERE: Listen to “Girl Crush” by The Gods Themselves

Photo credit Michael Doucett

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new song called “Girl Crush” from our favorite Seattle disco punk band, The Gods Themselves.

Last October we premiered the video for “Love” from TGT’s 2017 full length album, Be My Animal, just prior to the band’s appearance with Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown. Of course Bourdain has been on a lot of minds for the last few days after the news of his tragic passing, so let’s hope the new song will help with the healing process. “Girl Crush” is from the band’s upcoming EP, Glamour & Grime, set for a June 15th release

With “Girl Crush” the band tells us that they really tried to capture some of the crazy emotions that come with a girl on girl crush; “the sexiness and allure in the beats pump up the libido, the strut and swagger in the bass line reels in the confidence and bravado, and the uncomfortable tension in the detuned glide synth signifies the so wrong, but so right feeling of taboo desire.”

“The Glamour & Grime EP was entirely inspired by our encounter with Tony Bourdain and his crew, our appearance on Parts Unknown and our trip to New York that coincided with the show’s air date. The man was kindred and turned on by the same things we were: movies, books, music and the beautiful contrasts in life, like the dichotomy of glamour and grime. We dedicate this album to him and all those who he connected with on his journey in this plane.”

(Check out the song below via Soundcloud and get more info about The Gods Themselves at their website HERE.)