MIND at LARGE vs Sorusty

February 11, 2017 @ 10:00 pm
645 NW 45th St
Seattle, WA 98107
$10 $15 after 11 PM
(206) 782-1885


MIND at LARGE vs Sorusty Collective

2 squads with similar vibes coming together for a night of house music. Featuring DJs from WORK and Foolish.

MTBTZ-Meaty Beats [MIND at LARGE]
Streeter [Sorusty]

Meistro [MIND at LARGE]
BBecks [Sorusty]

Xan Lucero [Sorusty]

About: MIND at LARGE
One part DJ and artists collective, one part production team. Seattle-based MIND at LARGE is a group that uses organic and digital mediums to create interactive events and art installations.

“Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe.
The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.
According to such a theory, each one of us is potentially MIND at LARGE.”
Aldous Huxley “Doors Of Perception”

About: Sorusty
When everything is just right; it’s sorusty.
When you’re feeling the music deep down in your soul, or when the art is so on point that you feel that you want to exist within it, or when the energy in the room is just right that you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s an in-the-moment feeling of togetherness, contentment, and happiness.
That’s sorusty.
The sorusty collective is dedicated to highlighting those moments, and fostering the creativity of others across all forms of art. Our goal is to project the understanding that music and art should exist and thrive together; there are no boundaries. Fostering community and open discussion about the arts is important to us.

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