Emancipator Ensemble Plays a Hometown Show, Embarks on a Northwest Run


Because of a rigorous touring schedule and much deserved international acclaim, it’s easy to forget that Emancipator is a Portland local, and has been such for longer than half the residents of this city at this point (just a guess). And as this city keeps changing, the songs that Doug Appling produces offers the sense of calmness and serenity the oldest Portlanders resonate to. The downtempo beats and smooth transitions represent a distinct portrayal into the Northwest lifestyle. The music moves slowly, but subtly builds itself out of a lullaby into deep melodies surrounded by numerous drum layers and smooth bass lines bursting through you like morning coffee.

It’s no coincidence his music correlates fluently with the gray skies and long nights that engulf this part of the country during the long winter months. So, it’s even more fitting just as we start to bulk up and hibernate, the second leg of the Seven Seas tour begins in our neck of the woods.

Earlier this fall, Emancipator released his fourth studio LP for which this tour is named after. The twelve song album features Ilya Goldberg’s violin as the long time fans could expect. There are also guest vocals by Madelyn Grant and Molly Parti. With added keyboards by Asher Fulero and vibrant percussions by Cedar Miller this album moves in several different directions. It’s a natural progression from the first three by offering a little more variety and moving with a sense of urgency.

Along with this tour, seasoned producer Blockhead will be mixing together his hip-hop inspired tunes to entice the crowd into a dancing state of mind. Also, playing the Northwest dates will be Seattle’s chillwave master Manatee Commune, who flew head first into the forefronts of the regional scene in the past year. This opening will be crucial as Emancipator brings with him a live ensemble of musicians to light up the Roseland Theater this Friday for a long awaited homecoming.

Other Northwest shows include Victoria, BC (Sugar Nightclub) on 11/11, Vancouver, BC (Venue Nightclub) on 11/12, Seattle (Showbox Market) on 11,14, Eugene (Hi-Fi) on 11/15, and Ashland, OR (Ashland Armory) on 11/16.]

Tickets for the Portland date are available here.

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