Devils Hunt Me Down to Unleash New EP at High Dive on April 28

Seattle rock band Devils Hunt Me Down is celebrating the first release of their album In Medias Res: an epic tale composed of three separate four-song EPs to be released one-by-one throughout 2017.  This first release will be celebrated with a show at the High Dive on April 28th, featuring Seattle favorites Year of the Cobra, Woodshed, and Hundred Loud.

Teaming up with Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Ten Miles Wide), Devils Hunt Me Down set out to capture the energy of their live shows in studio quality. In Medias Res explores a range of human experiences over a canvas of dirty grooves; from life-altering epiphanies, to joy and the desire for death, to success and failure.

The EP kicks off with the song “A Caveman in a Computer Room,” a metaphor for the unfortunate union of humanity’s primitive understanding of the universe with our immense destructive potential as individuals and a species. “I Am That I Am” then explores the concept of authenticity, while “Dead and Down” and “Rusty Nail” paint deeply personal experiences.

The band also teamed up with Seattle’s 99.9 KISW to exclusively debut the first single, titled “I Am That I Am,” streaming now on

While the first official release date for the EP is May 12, the public can get early access to the first installment and a limited edition album shirt on Bandcamp or at the event on April 28th.

About Devils Hunt Me Down 

Four brothers, born to Sasquatch hunters in the North Cascade Mountains, Devils Hunt Me Down emerges from the wilderness, raised on a diet of psychedelic mushrooms and bear fat, to bring you the finest Cascadian dirt rock. With grooves grown in pure Pacific Northwest soil by men who live and die by the riff, Devils Hunt Me Down brings rock and roll to the land with their own special flavor.

Have a listen below to a sample from the EP via Bandcamp. You can get more info about the band at Facebook HERE.