Bells Atlas to play Nectar Lounge on October 14th

Bells Atlas to play Nectar Lounge on October 14th

Combining heavy rhythm and groove, soulful vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of wildcard energy, this dynamic group arrived at an interwoven sound that is undoubtedly their own. Primarily made up of 4 members with a musical chemistry that surprises and compliments, the sonic palette that makes up Bells Atlas is deep, cinematic and colorful. They capture the spirit of eclectic influences – soul, West African & Brazilian rhythm, noise pop, psychedelia – and draw a wide audience with diverse tastes.

The name SALT AND SOAP is inspired by cleansing rituals and preservation methods. When you’re not accustomed to releasing your most personal stories, the idea is to take a moment to prepare for this shift — this new way of being open. Bells Atlas‘ new EP is a projection, a prayer out, and an invitation to their upcoming album, The Mystic. 

Stumbling upon a new process for songwriting, the band took to an unusual method of sampling. Grainy phone recordings of the band’s drummer eventually became the bedrock for each song. Coming from a place of spontaneity and sometimes even humor, the aim developed into writing music at once cinematic, personal, and highlighting the casual wizardry of each member: Sandra Lawson-Ndu, Derek Barber, Geneva Harrison, and Doug Stuart. The result is a soulful, lo-fi, alternative r&b musical blend as fully immersive as it is envisioned — welcoming listeners of all stories and rituals.

Now they come to perform at Seattle’s Nectar lounge this October 14th.

Ticket and event information is available here.