7 Year Bitch Holding Album Release Party at EMP Museum on January 17th


Whether it’s the remaining members of The Gits coming together for a benefit show or the members of Alcohol Funnycar reuniting for live performances at underground Seattle venues, it seems like nowadays there really is no shortage of fondly-remembered Pacific Northwest bands getting back together, pleasing older local music fans who may have come of age at their performances years and years ago. And though this one isn’t quite a reunion in the traditional sense of the word, it’s still awesome to see it happen.

Seattle’s legendary punk rock band 7 Year Bitch is set to release their new live album Live at Moe on January 15thRecorded in Seattle’s Club Moe during 1996, the album comes nearly twenty years after the band’s last show. Less concerned with being feminist trailblazers than simply being an incredibly kick-ass rock band, 7 Year Bitch ended up being both. After a couple decades of musical silence, the band officially reunited last year.

In celebration of Live of Moe‘s release, 7 Year Bitch are hosting a record release party at EMP Museum on Sunday, January 17th. The event will consist of a panel Q&A with the band at 2:00P.M. (moderated by senior curator Jacob McMurray), with a signing to follow. The release party is free, and music fans of all ages are welcome to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the band open up about multiple aspects of 7 Year Bitch’s past, present and future, and get your own physical copy of Live at Moe.

You can find out more details here. You can also stream the first track from the live LP, “The Scratch,” below. We hope to see you there.

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